Caesar Shiba reversed the rules!
The last to invest wins
Prize (CSR / ETH)
Time Left
Restarting at next buy
Last Investor
You're the first!

How it works

Invest CSR.
Stay the last for
Win the prize!


4% of every transaction go to the Chest. πŸ’°

If you invest at least CSR, you hold the Chest. πŸ™Œ

However, you can't open it yet. You'll have to wait for βŒ›.

If nobody else invests CSR before the end of the timer,
the Chest content is all yours! πŸŽ‰


Create your MetaMask wallet and connect it to UniSwap.

Click to copy-paste the Caesar Shiba address below, swap your ETHs and enjoy!


Is liquidity locked? And how? Proof?

Yes, the liquidity is locked using dxsale for a period of one week. It will be extended after a few days if the holders are solid.

How to buy/sell?

Nothing simpler! Follow the steps below:

  1. Install Metamask on your Chrome app.
  2. Transfer some ETH to it.
  3. Go to UniSwap, and search for pair ETH/CSR (copy-paste CaesarShiba address in search field), and swap!
  4. Due to taxes, you have to set the slippage to at least 18% for a sell.

How can I see the winners history?

Our contract already contains a function to check winning history called winningHistory(). We will soon add a dedicated section on the website.

How can a winner hold the chest with a 1% max wallet?

You can't have a bigger bag than 1M CSR, with only one exception: when someone wins the chest, we don't check for max wallet.

Have someone already won?

Yes, a lot of people already won the chest! (see history in How It Works section)

We have a max amount for the chest, so it wont grow to dangerous amounts, as we prefer regular wins and see the game restarts, with numerous winners.

Just for you to remember : at 10M market cap, a full chest is 300000k dollars. Thats the price of... a Lambo.

When Lambo?

Sooner than you expect.😎

πŸ€” Hasn't your question been answered?

Please be sure to check out our legal information page.

You may also contact us by joining the Telegram group, or by sending us an email at πŸ‘‹


to the Chest
to Liquidity Pool
to Marketing & Development
Total Supply
Max Wallet
Max Chest

Taxes explained

Taxes has been carrefully adjusted according to an advanced pricing model based on Machine Learning, in order to maximize chances for the token price to sustainably grow overtime.

Taxes prices are the compromise between marketing, pool robustness, and rewards for investors. However, instead of usual tokens that reward only the first comming investors, we reward every new investors as well.

Thanks to this exclusive reward feature, we will encourage new investors and get a fair dispatch of the gains. A higher token price results in a bigger reward, furthermore compensating an eventual risk of investing on a token that is expensive.

This feature is totally unique, and we think it is the missing key that is necessary for newcomming tokens to be competitive with the big ones.

As a proof of our engagment, initial liquidity will be locked for 2 weeks then extended, and the contract features strong anti-bots and anti-whales mechanisms.



Check the verified contract source code.


Get more information about the project.

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Authentic proof that our project is legit.

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πŸ“§ For any general question:

🀝 Partnerships and Ads:

πŸ’» Development Team:

πŸš€ You can also write to, but don't be fooled, Elon hasn't joined the project (yet). Howerver, be sure that his email address is ready, baby!




Economics Modeling

Eth Listing

Website Deployment

Twitter Hyping

First Holders


Firsts Chests wins

Twitter/Buy Contest

Coingecko/Coinmarket Cap application

Advertising campaign of Telegram


500 holders

NFT for 2D P2E



Huge Giveaways to true holders

Massive Twitter influencers

Coingecko / CMC Listings

Caesar 2D P2E Competitions

3000 holders

And many more surprises and announcements! πŸ“£ Stay tuned!